Gunnee Artificial Herring Strips are the newest rage in the 'meat' fishing community.  
They catch fish as well as real cut bait and are far cheaper and easier to manage.  No
refrigeration required if you use a preserved oil/scent product.  
You can catch fish after fish (see screw method below) and just refresh with a squirt of
scent every so often.  At the end of the day, just stow the bait like any other artificial
lure.  The Gunnee Strip is the profile of an actual Lake Michigan Alewife and has a
pre-drilled hole to fit nicely into Rhys Davis heads.   You can also customize the shape
or make small hook tabs with a pair of scissors.  Be sure to bend head or even set
hook into strip to achieve proper rotation.  The rotation is far more important than the
The Gunnee Artificial Herring Strip is about .100
inches thick and very strong.  It is nearly impossible
to tear.  I have Strips on my boat that are 3 seasons
old and still taking fish!  This pic shows the tasty
alewife profile.  Note the pre-drilled hole.
The Gunnee Artificial Herring Strip goes into a
Rhys Davis head with a toothpick just like a
regular herring strip.
The Gunnee Artificial Herring Strip can be rigged
with a variety of hook set-ups.  This pic shows a
rig run by a Lake Mich captain.  He runs it 22"
behind a small flasher.   It's a snelled single hook
thru the nose of the strip with a treble in the tail.  
The hooks are VERY hard to remove from the strip.
 Witchcraft eyes stick well to the strip, too.
The Gunnee Artificial Herring Strip can be fastened
to a Rhys Davis head with a small S.S. screw.  This
makes the rig nearly bullet-proof!  We have caught
many kings on the same strip and still haven't had
one pull-out yet.
Fisher Tackle Company
Proto catch from 2006
Yet another smoking hot rig you won't find any
where else...will be posted soon!
Rig X!
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